Welcome back to The Castle Radio. Unfortunately, when moving our location from one part of The Castle to another we kind of lost some things along the way. You know how it is in these old dusty, castles always things falling apart and in need of repair. The Laird has graciously set us bards up in this finer part of the Castle now for your listening pleasures.

Dinna fash yerselves my dears, all is well. Ms. Fitz and the kitchen crew are all busy tending the ovens and ensuring the meals are ready whilst the brawny lads are tending the repairing needs done. The Laird has ordered we ladies and bards be set up in this finner part of the Castle and we are to continue in the great hall with the music enjoyment for himself and company.

Should ye be wanting to stay a while we shall be ever so thankful for your fine company.  Listen to the music while we get things done and enjoy the Castle as it reopens all it’s rooms once again. Until then young Jamie will help you in the stables should you wish to ride and his lovely wife Lady Claire of Lallybroch will tend your ills.  Mrs. Fitz manages our kitchen and will fetch you anything you need for sustenance.  Lady Phoenix shall see that your musical needs are well met with the finest music from all over the isles and beyond.