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The Earth element of Taurus brings strength and the desire for solid ground form and structure. Preservation is important. The bulls fixed motivations seeks first to stabilze, then produce, ruled by loving venus. Taurus has great emontional accessibity. taurus represents consistency, loyalty, and patince. This signs Yin energy can go far. Taurus becomes very very possive even lazy balance comes with a reliable plan one that satisfies Taurus need for stability while allowing for action and accomplishments

Birthstone – Emerald

  • Color Blue, Dolphins
  • chatting and Djing in the castle,
  • Flirting, Candle light dinners,
  • Romance, Moonlight walks on the white sands of the beach.
  • Enjoying Mother Earth. and cant forget!!
  • Beth’s eatable underware.

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  • Rude Obnoxious people,
  • Insistant people who wont take no for an answer,
  • People who dont respect the Earth as a whole.

 Leather -n- lace and traveling over the world



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