Laird o the Loch 

The Laird of Castle Radio


The Twins
22nd may ~ 21st June

Gemini Traits

Gemini’s have amazing brains. They store data like you wouldn’t believe. Lots of people think they talk garbage but this is because their minds move faster than their mouth. Gemini’s are generous, affectionate and impulsive and hate hanging around. Boredom and relaxing frightens them. If they’re not on the move they go mad. They are great with kids because they never grow up themselves. If you have a Gemini friend, life will never be dull. They love to be respected; this is pretty hard because they’re so changeable. In fact, they are often prone to losing their train of thought mid sentence. They’re practical jokers too, but can get aggravated if someone turns the trick on them.


  • Music
  • Mystery & Magick
  • The Ocean & Surfing
  • Gadgets & Toys
  • Arts


  • Wankers
  • Appointments
  • Loneliness
  • Ex Wives
  • Suffering & those who inflict it
World Peace

Loving Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor, Teacher, Wise Magus

Would should also add:

  • dafty
  • comedian
  • musician
  • leader
  • storyteller
  • creative
  • environmentalist
  • lover of nature & light
  • poety
  • romantic
  • philanthropist
  • playboy
  • genius
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