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2017 We’re Back Better Than Ever!

The Castle Radio has been quiet for way too long. We apologise for being off air so long. Our dear DJ Phoenix has been utterly and completely lost without our beloved founder. Guidance has been given and the Laird’s faithful bard and clan shall do thy bidding, M’Laird.

The music shall play on bringing the positive vibrations to the world which comes in the form of great music from wonderfully gifted musicians who improve the world with their gifts. We will spread kindness, positiveness, goodness and light to a world. A home to all who seek solace, friendship and love. We will be here on air to brighten your day, put a spring in your step, a tap in your toes, a hum and a smile on your lips!

We dedicate today’s first broadcast of 2017 with loving intent to a world in need of goodness and lig...

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